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Setup a new "dial-up connection" to Tech Info Internet.
1. Click on "My Computer" in the top left corner of the Windows "desktop screen".

2. Double click on "Dial-up networking", then double click on "make new connection"

3. Using the setup wizard which comes up, fill in the detail as follows:-
The name of the new connection should be: Tech Info The (modem) number to dial is (as above)
9432-7222 If you have a 56k modem, please use the 9433-4444 modem number instead. Note that the 03 for the area code should already be filled in, if not fill it in now. Make sure the country code is set to Australia (61). These are the only two "vital" pieces of information required. Keep clicking NEXT then Finish to complete the setup of the dialup connection.

4. Single click with the right mouse button on the Tech Info icon and select Properties from the menu which appears.

5. Select Server Types from the screen. On the Server Types screen which appears it should have Type of Dial-Up Server as PPP:Windows 95, WindowsNT, Internet in the box. On the rest of the screen only the boxes marked Enable software compression and TCP/IP (under protocols) are the only ones with ticks (or crosses) in them - all others are blank.

6. Select TCP / IP settings. On the page which appears, there should be a "radio button" should be in "Server assigned IP address" and another in "Specify name server address". In the Primary DNS type in (in place of the and in the Secondary DNS type in Both the Primary WINS and Secondary WINS should have in them. Both the Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network should have ticks in the box beside these options.

7. Press OK then OK to close off the Dial-Up Networking setup then click on the X at the top right hand corners of the boxes open on the screen to close them all and return to a Windows desktop "clean screen".
Next, go into Control Panel by selecting Start, Settings, Control Panel, then double clicking on the Internet icon.

8. Select the tab at the top of this page labeled Connection. Make sure the box labeled Connect to the Internet as needed has a tick in it and that Tech Info is the selected Internet service which it will dial.

9. Make sure the box Connect through a proxy server has an X in it then select Settings. In the HTTP box at the top type in and in the port box to the right type in 8080. Make sure the box labeled Use the same proxy server for all protocols has an X in it. Click OK to finish.

10. Select the tab labeled Navigation at the top of the page. Select In the Page field Start Page then type into the address box then click Apply. Select In the Page field Search Page then type into the address box then click Apply then click on OK. Changing the default search page away from the Microsoft search page is a good thing as the Microsoft system is generally too busy to connect to. Now close off Control Panel back to a clean screen.

We are now ready to connect to the Internet for the first time:-
11. Double click on the Internet icon on the desktop screen. The Connect to: screen will appear. type in your allocated username and password into the boxes provided and click on Connect. The modem should dial and connect to the Tech Info Internet system, then verify your username and password and start up the Microsoft Internet Explorer which will then load the Tech Info home page.

Setting up your e-mail account:-

12. From the top line menu select Mail then Read Mail. Click on the Send tab. Make sure their is an X in the "send messages immediately" box - if not click the mouse in the box, then click Apply. Next, click on the Server tab.
Type in your real name in the name box ie. Frank Brown.
The organization name is optional.
Type in your e-mail address in the format [email protected] substituting frank for your login name.
(Note: If you are a previous Gravity Internet customer, use [email protected] in the instructions above)
Change the "Outgoing mail server (SMTP)" to
Change the "Incoming mail server (POP3)" to
Type in your "POP3 account name" ie frank (this is your username does not have the "") on the end.
Type in your password. Note:- All of the above input is in lowercase text.
Click on Advanced Settings and type in your e-mail address into the "reply to" box near the bottom of the page eg. [email protected]. (Note: If you are a previous Gravity Internet customer, use [email protected] in the instructions above)
Click on OK then Apply.

13. Click on the Signature tab.
Click on Text. Type in a 4 line (up to 4 lines) signature - an example of what is common is:-

Frank Brown
Widgets Pty Ltd
E-mail address:- [email protected] (or [email protected])
Ph: (03) 9xxx-4669 Fax: (03) 9xxx-8397

After typing in your preferred "signature", click on Apply, then click OK, then OK to save these changes and exit. Click on the X at the top right hand corner of the Mail screen to close this off.

Setting up the news group reader:-
14. Click on Mail then Read news. Click on No if the program asks if you would like to see a current list of newsgroups now.

15. Select News then Options from the top menu. Select the Server tab. Fill in your details as follows:-
"Real name": - ie. Frank Brown,
"Organization": - (optional, anything you like),
"E-mail address":- [email protected], (substitute "frank" for your username),
(Note: If you are a previous Gravity Internet customer, use [email protected] in the instructions above)
"Reply to address":- [email protected] (substitute "frank" for your username)
(Note: If you are a previous Gravity Internet customer, use [email protected] in the instructions above)

16. Click on Add at the bottom of the news server(s) box. Type in the news server name as then press Apply then OK. Now press Apply and OK again to exit from the news server setup screens.

You are now fully set up and ready to go with the Tech Info Internet service.
To connect to the Internet, simply double click on the Internet icon on the de

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