provides access to the Internet via dial-up accounts or dedicated dial-up lines as set out below. We also host web sites for business customers. If you are looking for broadband internet access, click here to see our pricing.
The TECH INFO web site address is: and e-mail messages can be left at: [email protected]

We have elected to provide only one rate plan for casual dial-up access as detailed below. To provide monthly "pay-as-you-go" accounts is extremely time consuming at our end and costly to both parties in terms of time, stationery, postage, follow-up telephone calls and bank charges. We accept payment by cheque (personal or bank), money order or cash. Credit cards facilities (MasterCard, Visa or Bankcard) for payment of accounts are also offered.

Our dial-up access rate is $297.00 per annum inc GST  paid upon application, giving you 200 hours per month of dial-up access with a download cap of 400Mb. This calculates out to less than 12 cents per hour. Connection time is limited to a maximum of 6 hours at one time. Our servers will automatically disconnect you at the 6 hour mark. (to give everyone a fair go).
Due to our relatively even spread of business and personal users in the customer base, we do not normally experience a large increase in system usage during the early evening like some other providers.

We do also offer other annual subscriptions as follows:-
6 months duration, 200 hours per calendar month, 400Mb download per calendar month for $181.50 inc GST,   and
3 months duration, 200 hours per calendar month, 400Mb download per calendar month for $110 inc GST
12 months duration, 50 hours per calendar month, 200Mb download per calendar month for $165 p.a. inc GST

Additional hours in excess are charged at a cost of $0.15 (inc GST) per additional hour.
Additional download is charged at 9c/Mb (inc GST) for all Mb in excess of the free Mb limit per calendar month.
Excess use is presented as a monthly invoice posted to you for payment within 14 days should this occur.
A system for monitoring your usage time online is available from a link on the home page.

This access fee also gives you one e-mail address on the TECH INFO domain ie. your e-mail address will be in the form:- [email protected]
The access fee of $297.00 per annum is much less than most of the other medium to high-end providers which charge around $5.00 per hour for casual access and send you a monthly invoice. (At $5.00 per hour you only need use 54 hours of their time to total $297.00 - you can easily use this time in just one month if you connect for just 2 hours per day!).

If you have need of multiple e-mail addresses for your organization for each of your personnel or additional addresses for members of the family and have only one modem, additional e-mail addresses can be provided at $27.50 per address inc GST as a 'once off' setup fee.
After completing and returning the application form with your cheque, you will receive by return mail (or you can pick up at the TECH INFO office) :-

  • a copy of your application form showing your approved username, password, e-mail address and subscription expiry date.
  • an invoice / receipt of payment for taxation or other claim purposes.
  • a set of detailed instructions on how to change over (or set up for the first time) your internet access software.
    We provide instructions for Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 and XP and Macintosh operating systems.
  • if requested, we can supply a CDROM containing a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.x and V6.x free of charge.
  • your account will be a standard PPP dialup access account.
  • once online, you will have your own e-mail address, access to browsing the world wide web, ability to transfer files and view newsgroups. If you source your own software, you can also chat online and play games with other in far away places.
  • Note for Macintosh users - Mac. Operating System Version 7.5.3 or better is required. We provide you with a detailed instruction sheet enabling you to configure your Macintosh to access the internet through our ISP service. (or we can come out to your place and do this for you for a small fee).

TECH INFO can provide you or your organization a dedicated dial-up access line to our system for your exclusive use. This line is accessed by a modem (phone) number known only to you. Your software is pre-configured to dial this number rather than the normal rotary dial number used by other dial-up access users. The cost of the service is $550.00 per annum inc GST and gives you unlimited access time to the internet. This cost includes the provision of a new dial-up line installed at our premises for your use, provision of a port into the internet system, annual (phone) line rental at our end, and a new Banksia 33.6k modem at our end set aside for your use. There is a download limit of 500Mb per month imposed on this permanent connection.
Excess download is charged at 9cents/Mb (inc GST) which is settled on a separate invoice as a monthly account.

We can also provide a 56k permanent line for $770.00 per annum inc GST with all other conditions as above.
These options are normally taken up by businesses and Internet Caf�s as a way of guaranteeing access to the Internet at all hours of the day, 7 days per week.

An application form for dial-up access is available from our web site. If you are considering broadband access, the services we offer are detailed here.
If you are interested in virtual domain hosting (setting up your own web site) click here for our rates and services.
If you have any other queries not covered in this document, please call the office during business hours on (03) 9435-4669.