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For Windows 3.x, you will have a dialing program to initiate the modem to dial. It will normally be "Trumpet Winsock" or "Shiva". For Windows 3.x follow the instructions under 1(a) below. For Windows 95 follow the instructions under 1(b) below.
1(a). If using Trumpet Winsock, follow this procedure.
(i) Start Trumpet and immediately stop the modem from dialing by pressing <ESC> several times.
(ii) Select File, Setup and in the Name Server box fill in
Netmask and Default Gateway should both be set to
In the Domain Suffix box fill in
Click on Internal PPP. Baud rate should be as high as your PC and modem will allow use either 38400 for a 486 and 57600 for a Pentium.
Both Hardware handshake and Van Jacobson... should have an X in the box.
Online Status Detection should be DCD. Click OK to save this part.
The rest of the settings in this box should be as follows:-
Packet Vector : 00
MTU : 256
TCP RWIN : 864
TCP MSS : 216
Demand Load Timeout : 5 secs
Time server box should be blank.

(iii) Select File, PPP options. Click in the Use PAP authentication and type in your allocated username and password (in lowercase) from the sheets which have been returned to you.
Click on OK to exit.
(iv) Select Dialer, then select setup.cmd. Enter the dial-up phone number as ,94327222 (Note: the leading comma (,) causes the modem to wait 2 seconds after picking up the line to ensure a dial tone is present). If you have a 56k modem, use the ,9433-4444 number instead.
Click OK and enter your allocated username (from the sheets returned to you).
Click OK and enter your allocated password.

Click on "My Computer" in the top left corner of the Windows "desktop screen".
Double click on "Dial-up networking", then double click on "make new connection"
Using the setup wizard which comes up, fill in the detail as follows:-
The name of the new connection should be: Tech Info The (modem) number to dial is (as above) 9432-7222 Note that the 03 for the area code should already be filled in, if not fill it in now. Make sure the country code is set to Australia (61). These are the only two "vital" pieces of information required. Keep clicking NEXT then Finish to complete the setup of the dialup connection.
Single click with the right mouse button on the Tech Info icon and select Properties from the menu which appears.
Select Server Types from the screen. On the Server Types screen which appears it should have Type of Dial-Up Server as PPP:Windows 95, WindowsNT, Internet in the box. On the rest of the screen only the boxes marked Enable software compression and TCP/IP (under protocols) are the only ones with ticks (or crosses) in them - all others are blank.
Select TCP / IP settings On the page which appears, there should be a "radio button" should be in "Server assigned IP address" and another in "Specify name server address". In the Primary DNS type in (in place of the and in the Secondary DNS type in Both the Primary WINS and Secondary WINS should have in them. Both the Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network should have ticks in the box beside these options.
Press OK then OK to close off the Dial-Up Networking setup then click on the X at the top right hand corners of the boxes open on the screen to close them all and return to a Windows desktop "clean screen".

2. Start the Netscape program.
Select Edit, select Preferences from the pull-down menu, select the Navigator tab
In the "home page" section replace the home page location with and make sure the "Navigator starts with...." has the radio button selected (black dot) NEXT to the "home page" option.

3. Next click on the + sign next to "Mail & Groups" to expand out the menu fully, then click on the "Identity" tab.
Type in your "real name" i.e Fred Smith (You may use Capitals and abbreviations if you like here in this box)
Type in your "e-mail address" i.e [email protected] (replace xxxx with your login name)
(Note: If you are a previous Gravity Internet customer, use    [email protected]   in the instructions above)
Type in your "Reply To Address", usually the same as your e-mail address i.e. [email protected] (again replace xxxx with your login name). (Note: If you are a previous Gravity Internet customer, use   [email protected]   in the instructions above)
Type in your Organization, if relevant, i.e. company name. - note that this is optional

4. Select "Mail Server" from the left hand menu.
Type in your "Mail server username" as [email protected] (replace xxxx with your login name)
Change the "Outgoing mail (STMP) server" to (note lowercase text)
Change the "Incoming mail server" to
The "Mail server type" is POP3 which should have the radio button selected (black dot)

5. Click on the "Groups Server" item in the left hand menu
Change the "Discussion groups (News) server" to
The port should be 119 and the "secure" box should not have a tick in it.

6. Next click on the + sign next to "Advanced"to expand out the menu fully, then click on the "Proxies" tab.
Make sure the radio button (black dot) is in the "Manual Proxies", select "View",
Set only the proxies labeled HTTP, FTP and Gopher all to the same address to and set the port to 8080 then select OK and then OK again to save and exit.

This completes the changeover of Netscape V4.x to TECH INFO Internet service

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