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These instructions are written and intended for use with MS Outlook 97/98. It is assumed that you have already installed MS Office 97 software and your modem and you may have used the your copy with another ISP previously although this is not important.

Go into Control Panel by selecting 'Start', 'Settings', 'Control Panel', then double click on the 'Mail & Fax' icon.

Click on 'Add' then select 'Internet e-mail', then click OK
Under the Mail Account Name, type a suitable name for the account eg. "Tech Info e-mail account"
Enter under 'Name' your real name eg. Fred Smith using upper and lower case as you choose.
The 'Organization' name is optional - you can put your company name in here if you wish.
Under 'e-mail address' type in your assigned e-mail address eg. [email protected]
(Note: If you are a previous Gravity Internet customer, use    [email protected]   in the instructions above)
Repeat the same e-mail address information in the 'reply address' box.
Note that this is all in lower case with no spaces.

Next click on the 'servers' tab at the top of the dialogue box.
In the 'Outgoing mail server SMTP' box, type in
Repeat the same information in the 'Incoming mail server POP3' box.
In the 'Account name' box type you login name eg. fred (in lowercase)
In the password box, type your assigned password.

Next click on the 'Connection' tab and make sure the radio button (the black dot) is in the line 'I use a modem to access my e-mail' and under the section 'Use the following Dial-Up Networking connection' has the 'Tech Info' account selected.

Click on 'Apply' and then 'OK' the complete the setup of Microsoft Outlook 97/98

You are now setup to run your MS Outlook 97/98 mail software with the TECH INFO Internet service.

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