TECH INFO has been in the business of PC sales and upgrades for around 15 years. TECH INFO specialises in sales of PC equipment and network installations for small to medium size businesses. We also perform hardware upgrades to PC equipment, maintenance and administration of network installations as well as sell modems, printers and printer consumables.
We conduct on-site software training for most commonly used software packages.
Providing dial-up access to the Internet for customers as well as web site hosting is seen as a logical extension of the core business. We started internet services provision under the techinfo.com.au domain in April 1997. The network equipment we have installed is extremely reliable using the best possible hardware/equipment and software solutions.
In October 1999, we purchased the business of Gravity Internet Pty Ltd which included their dial-in customer base, web hosting business and some of their hardware. We will continue to operate the gravity.net.au domain for those customers.
In September 2000, we purchased the customer base of ASC Computers Pty Ltd. We also continue to operate the two domains used for their service asccomp.net and  asccomp.net.au

During 2001, we commenced reselling broadband internet services.

TECH INFO Pty Ltd operates with normal business hours of   8:30am to 7:00pm  Monday to Friday and 11:00am to 5:00pm on most weekends (we do take holidays!) - please respect these hours if you intend to make a "help line" call. Outside of these hours your call will be taken by an answering machine or voice mail system and your call will be returned the next day.
If you already have access to the web you can contact us by leaving an e-mail message at:- [email protected]
The TECH INFO internet system is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our records show that system uptime is better than 99.2% of available time including scheduled maintenance time.
The system is pitched at home/family users as well as small to medium businesses who require access for e-mail and information exchange through web sites. Whilst we have taken extreme care in selecting the best equipment suited to both the dial-up access and the virtual domain hosting system and have spared no expense, equipment failures will always happen. We therefore do not and cannot provide any guarantee that the system is online at all times.
The TECH INFO internet service can allow any business to advertise their business activities on web pages. We do not encourage individuals to create personal web pages for display on the web unless there is a specific reasonable purpose. Storage and access of web pages of all types utilises valuable system resources and does affect the overall performance of the access system. You should consider this when evaluating the service provided by other I.S.P.'s. (Internet Service Provider's)

We do not encourage any person or company to conduct business transactions over the net using their TECH INFO Internet access account.
This is for two reasons:-
(1) the Internet has a past history of credit card fraud. You should never transmit your credit card details to anyone via the internet. This even includes close friends and associates as the information passes through many servers (computers) on its way to the final destination. You (and we) do not have control over any of these systems external to our network, and
(2) if the TECH INFO Internet access service becomes unavailable for a number of days as would be the case if Telstra cable damage was incurred (or worse) fire or flood, you would not be able to track the progress of your transaction or business dealings through the Internet.
We DO NOT accept responsibility or accountability whatsoever for any transaction of any nature which may be conducted over the TECH INFO Internet Service.

All memberships to TECH INFO internet service must be applied for in an individuals name. In the case of a business registration, an individual must be nominated as the point of contact for the company.

Please note that TECH INFO Pty Ltd takes no accountability or responsibility for any loss of income or detriment to you or your business as a result of failure to provide access to the Internet.

An application form for dial-up access can be downloaded from our web site at http://www.techinfo.com.au/application.htm

A form for domain name (web site) registration is available at http://www.techinfo.com.au/vdform.htm.

If you have any other queries not covered in this document, please call the office during business hours.